Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Rob Lowe Share's Notes and PICS of Popper's Stage Rig (circa 2001)

The following information and pics all come from Rob Lowe.  You should check him out at http://www.reverbnation.com/Robplayingharmonica.  He has links of his playing with Blues Traveler as well as a great write-up about the experiences!

Ok, JP's mic:

btw, I wish I had this memorized well enough to use it.  A few years
ago, I sat in on Business as Usual and he let me use his mic.  If the
buttons were 2nd nature, I could have really had some fun!  But it was
cool.  I asked him to change some sounds and he started having fun
putting delays, dirt, octaves on it.  And then I requested the
feedback.  It was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The buttons correspond to Amp1 (which is what he uses most of the
time), and Amp2 (auto wah and octave go through that one), Amp3
(feedback...the little yellow (Guyatone?) amp), Clean/Dirty (which I
assume really only corresponds to Amp1 and there is another button for
leslie slow/fast. The knob is for Leslie speaker volume so he can mix
that in with whatever other patch he's using.

Here are some notes that I took back in 2002.  Bo was super cool with
answering my questions, letting me run around on stage, too.  So
here's some more info about what he used to use:

Shure SM-58=>
Behringer Ultragain Pre-Amp=>

Mesa Switcher=>
Amp1: Heartbreaker Clean
   Clean EQ: 2 o'clock, 9 o'clock, 10 o'clock
Heartbreaker Dirty:
   Dirty EQ: Treble: 10 o'clock, Mid 7 o'clock, Bass 11 o'clock
Amp2: Pedal effects
Amp3: Feedback

Slave out of the head (that would be the Heartbreaker, right?) goes to
the Leslie

Digital/Midi FX

His Rack looked like this:

Furman Power Conditioner
Mesa Switcher
Mesa Tri-Axis
Behringer Pre-Amp
Digitech Harmonizer
Even Tide Harmonizer

harp mic had 4 buttons, the knob, and the toggle switch.

Switch: Clean/Dirty
Knob:  Leslie volume
Button1: Amp1
Button2: Amp2
Button3: Amp3
Button4: leslie slow/fast

Midi Controller: Digital FX

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