Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sorta Popper-Like Set-Up Via a Line 6 POD HD500

***I ditched the POD HD as it was getting to tricky to set up several months after posting this.

These are screen shots of the set-up that I use for rock shows.  It is not intended to be a clone of JP's rig, but there are some similarities.  I use the HD500 in the footswitch mode that lets you control four separate patches with the switches on the bottom row.  On the top row, I place the effects - meaning I generally have four effects that can be turned on/off with each preset.

I use the same Bassman amp model for everything right now.  Honestly, when the 2.0 update comes out, I plan on using the Ampeg Bass Amp model to run all my effects through and then use the Bassman for clean tones.  I like the sound of effects through clean rigs best.

FS5 is my Lead Harmonica Patch seen in the first pic.  The comp and delay are always on and not assigned to a footswitch.  The Dynamic Delay is controlled via expression pedal.  The other effects can be stomped on and off like regular pedals.

FS6 is my Dirty Harmonica Patch.  It is a dual amp model with the exact same Bassman and a Supro Pre used for dirt.  The same delay and comp from FS5 are left always on.

FS7 is the rest of my lesser used effects.  The only effect sound I am really after that JP uses is his pitch shifted delays.  The best I could get was splitting my signal to stereo and creating a wet pitch shifted signal running into an Octo Reverb.  Not perfect, but close.  I am not crazy about flangers, but I love using the Ring Modulator and Dynamic Delay together.

FS8 is just the Bassman with a Rotary Drum and Horn.  Of all the modelled effects on the L6 stuff, this is my least favorite.  Eventually, a dedicated rotary pedal like the Styrom Lex would be ideal for as much as I use it.  The expression pedal controls the speed of the effect.

I am new to the POD HD500, but had a M13 for a long time before that.  I am very accustom to the pedals and using them for gigging.  The amp modelling is the new part for me.  I used to just run into a HarpGear HG50 or a Tech 21 Sans Amp Bass Driver DI.  The POD lets me do the same thing with less gear to tweak.

The cons of the L6 stuff are the monophonic tracking of the synths, pitch shifters, and bass octavers.  They sound glitchy if you don't play clean single notes, hence, I don't use them much.  The POG pedals by EHX are the best for tracking polyphonic playing using lower or higher octaves.  They also make some way cool synths.

Other effects not shown that I LOVE and have used many times at gigs are the Sweep Echo, Growler, Reverse Delay, Particle Verb, and Ping Pong Delay.  What I love about the POD stuff (which you can often do with any of the multi-fx units like the DigiTech and Zoom stuff) is the ability to create a ton of scenes and access hundreds of new sounds for VERY cheap.

My POD HD500 cost me the trade of my M13 (which I got for $275) plus $50.  I typically sing and own my own PA and monitors, so there was no additional cost in "amping" the board for live use.

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