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What Key of Harp Do I Use? from BluesTraveler.net

What Key Of Harp Do I Use?

This page was originally written by Blues Traveler fan and harmonica player Zack Scott. At the same time, fellow fan and harp player Rob Lowe was maintaining his own list of corrections and updates to Zack's list. Zack maintained the page on his site for years, but upon the closing of his site, we borrowed his information, combined it with Rob's, and made it available here. Many thanks to Zack and Rob for their hard work! Thanks also to Dean Heuke for getting the keys for North Hollywood Shootout from John via Twitter. All keys given are for playing in second position.

Official Releases

Blues Traveler
Travelers & Thieves
  • The Tiding: A
  • Onslaught: A>D>A>D>A>D
  • Ivory Tusk: G>D>G>D>A>G>D>G>A>G
  • What's For Breakfast: G>D>G>D>A
  • I Have My Moments: G
  • Optimistic Thought: D>E
  • The Best Part: F
  • All In The Groove: Eb
  • Support Your Local Emperor: F>A>F
  • Bagheera: F
  • Mountain Cry: F
Save His Soul
  • Trina Magna: Eb>Ab>Eb>Ab>Eb>Ab>B>F#
  • Love & Greed: B
  • Letter From A Friend: C
  • Believe Me: G
  • Go Outside & Drive: C
  • Defense & Desire: G
  • Whoops: D
  • Manhattan Bridge: C
  • Love Of My Life: G
  • NY Prophesie: C
  • Save His Soul: D
  • Bullshitter's Lament: D
  • Conquer Me: D>A>D
  • Fledgling: F>Eb
  • Run-Around: C
  • Stand: D>Ab>D>Ab>D>Ab>D
  • Look Around: F (no harp part)
  • Fallible: B
  • The Mountains Win Again: C>D>C
  • Freedom: G
  • Crash Burn: D
  • Price To Pay: A
  • Hook: D
  • The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly: A>D>A>D>A (can also use E)
  • Just Wait: D (no harp part, can also use 3rd position on a G)
  • Brother John: A>C>A>C>A
Run-Around CD-5 (only lists songs not on other albums)
Live From The Fall (only lists songs not on other albums)
  • Closing Down The Park: E
  • Imagine: F>C>F
Straight On Till Morning
  • Carolina Blues: A
  • Felicia: D
  • Justify The Thrill: D>G>D
  • Canadian Rose: E
  • Business As Usual: A
  • Yours: C
  • Psycho Joe: F
  • Great Big World: C
  • Battle Of Someone: F
  • Most Precarious: A
  • The Gunfighter: C
  • Last Night I Dreamed: D
  • Make My Way: Bb
Canadian Rose CD-5 (only lists songs not on other albums)
  • Diner: E>A>E>D>A>E
  • Just For Me: Db
  • Back In The Day: D
  • You Reach me: G>E
  • All Hands: C
  • The Way: C
  • Sadly A Fiction: A
  • You Lost Me There: F
  • Girl Inside My Head: E (?)
Truth Be Told
  • Unable To Get Free: D
  • Eventually: A
  • Sweet & Broken: Bb
  • My Blessed Pain: E
  • Let Her & Let Go: A
  • Thinnest Of Air: Ab
  • Can't See Why: Low E(?)>E
  • Stumble & Fall: C
  • This Ache: A
  • Mt. Normal: C
  • The One: D
  • Partner In Crime: A>D>A
North Hollywood Shootout
  • Forever Owed: Bb
  • You, Me & Everything: G
  • Love Does: F
  • Borrowed Time: E
  • The Beacons: G
  • Orange In The Sun: G#
  • What Remains: F
  • How You Remember It: D
  • The Queen Of Sarajevo: A
  • Free Willis: E / G
  • Miserable Bastard: Eb
  • Growing In Dirt: D
  • Tip The Domino: Eb
  • Love For Free: C
  • Evil In My Chair: B
  • Lunatic: E
  • Open Letter: Ab
  • I Wanna Take You Higher: D
  • Pattern: A
  • The Path: F


  • And So It Goes: D
  • Circle: D
  • Jabberwock: A
  • Maybe I'm Wrong: C
  • Mother Funker: G
  • Chan's Groove: G
  • Come Together: G
  • Five To One: D
  • Gloria: A
  • Johnny B. Goode: E>F>F#
  • Miss You: D
  • Rock Me Baby: E
  • Should I Stay Or Should I Go: C
  • The Star-Spangled Banner: varies
  • The Devil Went Down To Georgia: C>D>C
  • No Woman, No Cry: F

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