Tuesday, January 14, 2014

My Current Rig

I don't use an amp to play out live. I use a QSC K10 as a floor wedge and monitor myself from there.  Basically, I strive for a very clean tone that sounds good with several effects.  My favorite effects for harmonica are:

Octave down

There are endless ways to approach this, and this is where I am at now, mostly due to wanting to nail some pitch shifted delay/reverbs, which is a sound I'd be totally ripping off from John Popper.  In my quest to do this, I am realizing the pitch delay with some reverb on the Zoom G5 I had was perfect for this, and the Eventide Pitchfactor is total overkill, so I am rethinking my board.

What makes my board extra complicated is the wireless unit that requires an annoying power supply that is hard to track down.

My signal chain goes:

Samson Wireless with impedence transformer

EP Booster, which is used to boost the signal a hair and add some body.  It makes the tone fatter, but keeps it clean.

Harp Break which I use like a distortion pedal (my mic is a SM58, and that doesn't have enough output to push the HB without the EP)

Rotochoir is what I use for rotary, but I am rethinking using this pedal

Eventide Pitchfactor is used for some pitch delay/reverb sounds, but I am finding it total overkill.  I have it as a Midi Master with the M5, so I use two effects at once, but again, it is probably overkill

Line 6 M5 is used for delays and reverbs and some mods

In my head, I think two Zoom G3's instead of the L6 and PF would be more than enough.  I also think a L6 M9 with a G3 or just a dedicated pitch delay would be ample.

The last pedal is my compressor, a Lone Wolf Flat Cat.  Usually, a pedal compressor is at the start of the chain, but it was recommended by LW to put it last like in studio.  I will experiment with flipping it with the EP soon. I also sometimes put a Tech 21 Blonde there instead.

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