Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Various Sound Clips and Demos from Last Year

Here are a few clips and vids from 2013 experimenting with different gear:

I tried a Zoom G5 and sorta regret not keeping it.  This is a great clean tone with a pitch delay/reverb that was truly a keeper.


Random noodling with two different mics.  All I did was change mics.  The amp/delay/reverb settings stayed the exact same.  Mic too had less output so I bumped it up so it was similar in volume.


Here is an Audix Fireball with the Para DI. For this, I just twisted the Blend and Drive knobs around. The treble was higher than the clip in the OP. I also had a bit more bass. The mid control was set at noon. I did not adjust eq settings between riffs.

The first passage is totally clean - the Sans amp is off. It is probably my favorite because it is so dynamic. As soon as I play with Blend, it starts compressing and you loose the big bass and clear highs. The Drive adds some bite and grit, but it comes in the form of mids that aren't very pleasing to my ear.

Around :30s is a solid combination of Blend and Drive so the sound is more "amped" than acoustic. The last one is a good modern rock tone. I had a lot more flexibility in sound than with the bullet. The D5 is a lot like the Fireball.


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