Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Pictures of John Popper's Axe FX Rig

I noted that John Popper switched to an Axe FX rig some time ago, but here are actual pictures...

Here is the backline from the first show with the Axe.  My understanding is he was running the Axe in the FX loop of the Bogner.  The Orange was for feedback, and the Mesa was for guitar.  His rotary amp is also somewhere. At recent shows (2014), it looks like he has ditched the Mesa.
 Here is the Axe rig and the midi board he controls it with.
 Here is an after and before shot, lol.  Below is the midi pedal he uses to control his whole rig - amps and effects.
 Here is what it replaced.  He is running a MUCH cleaner rig now!  Keep in mind he also has a bunch of rack effects not pictures controlled by the midi controller.  I contacted Fractal Audio, the makers of the Axe FX, about the effects and routing of John Popper's rig.  I did get a response, albeit, not super detailed...

FX were very basic stuff... (coming from a guy who programs rigs for Fractal Artists, I guess that isn't saying much ;-)

Pitch Shift
Drive Pedal
Rotary Speaker

Here is a fun concert with the Axe FX (allegedly).  The backline appears to be a Mesa Boogie again.  The amp on top is something else too, but just used for feedback.  The Axe has replaced the rotary amp and all other floor effects

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