Saturday, January 17, 2015

Popper's Rig with Brother's Keeper

Brother's Keeper has a GREAT album that has recently come out featuring John Popper and Jono  Manson. If you are a fan of well written rock and Americana, it is quite the treat!
Live it looks like Mr. Popper is using a Princeton Reverb. His board has an Xotic BB Preamp with a Neo Ventilator and Ibanez AD99 analog delay. You can also see a passive DI and a volume control in the pics. 
There are plenty of vids of the group on YouTube. You can hear and see him bounce between clean, dirty, and rotary tones. 

Here is a vid with the Vent and the clean tones of the Princeton Reverb during the solo.  The vid has a lot of the room's natural reverb, which is not a pedal-based effect.

This vid is a great example of the rotary sounds of the Vent and the distortion of the BB Preamp:

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