Monday, February 9, 2015

More Details Regarding the Fender John Popper Signature Harmonica

I was able to contact multiple people involved in the development of this harmonica and can fully confirm the following:

The harp is a Seydel Session Steel - and Seydel makes awesome harmonicas!  It is the exact same reed plates as what you can get from Seydel currently.  The comb is the black Session comb, and the covers are the same antique covers you can also order through Seydel, however, the Popper Signature harmonica does have a lacquer baked on the cover plates to make them glossy.  It also eliminates any taste from the antiqued plates and cuts down on friction.  Finally, the JP harp is slated to come in 7 keys, whereas the Session Steel is available in 18 keys (John uses 14 keys and Fender is making him the additional keys....but honestly you can part the same thing out through Seydel anyways)!

You can buy, structurally, the exact same harp through Seydel with the stock Session Steel for about $60, whereas the Popper Signature will run $99 MSRP.  The Fender John Popper Signature Harmonica will be available sometime around May.  The Session Steel is available now!

While I can't, for some reason, get the vid to post to the blog, search, "

BLUES TRAVELER FULL HD LIVE FROM THE PURINA PET PARADE SOULARD MARDI GRAS 2015", on YouTube.  You can clearly see that as of this show, John is still playing Special 20's.